Viewing Service Titian Forms As PDF

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We created a form using Service Titan's build a form to better help communication from our sales team to our install team. Creating the form was very easy. Sales team love it as it is supper easy to fill out all the required information to have a successful install. However, when our install team look at the form it is not formatted and have to scroll through the unformatted information. When you download the form form a computer it is downloaded as a pdf and it is formatted and easy to read.

We then started downloading the form and emailing it to our installers. Now all our information is not in Service Titan.

We have tried to create a pdf to upload to Service Titans with smart field we are not able to upload pictures like the Service Titan form. 

I would like to suggest that mobile users could see Service Titan forms as a pdf. Like our office team dose. If that is not possible. I would like to see if we can attach pdf documents to calls and the mobile device users can see the pdf form. This way we have all the information in one location.  


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Thanks for the suggestion, that's a good call out! Have you posted this in the IDEAS section at the top? It may be something that our product team is already working on, and they can respond to your idea to let you know. 

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Thank you for the response. I did submitted the same thing here and in Ideas.