Tech work schedules

Would like techs to have visibility in their assigned work and on-call schedule for period of time (2-4 weeks). Not job or non-job assignments, but work schedule. Since tech shifts are already created and visible for admins, would like that same visi...

mborowsk by New Contributor
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Email Attachment Confusion

New to ST but we seem to be creating issues when techs email invoices with forms and estimates during recurring service visits.... Our clients don't seem to click into pdf attachments to understand the difference between estimates and actual invoices...

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hunterma by New Contributor
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Editing Techs Dashboard

Hello,I am wondering if there is a way for us to be able to edit a Technicians MOBILE dashboard. I am looking to upload and add a helpful chart for them to be able to use while out on the field. I would like for it to appear in/under the overview tab...

astacio7 by New Contributor
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Viewing Service Titian Forms As PDF

We created a form using Service Titan's build a form to better help communication from our sales team to our install team. Creating the form was very easy. Sales team love it as it is supper easy to fill out all the required information to have a suc...

Butters by New Contributor
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Emailing Forms After Job is Complete - Location Only

We are in need of a feature where the forms filled out by the techs in mobile, and are automatically sent, are only sent to the emails on the location page (not on the customer page)We have a few customers that use a billing company that needs the in...

taylore by New Contributor II
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