No Internet Connection Despite Network Connection

One of our technicians mentioned that he is unable to see any of the photos he takes on a job when he is trying to email them to the customer. This just started for him a couple of days ago. I did all of the I.T. troubleshooting, uninstalled and rein...

jaquelin by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Tech Issues with Dashboard

Good morning! We have Service Professionals that are unable to click "MORE" on the iPad in order to see Job Summary. Is anyone else having this issue or have been able to correct it?

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CatCoyle by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Image uploads

The upload capabilities of aspire are holding us back quite a bit. We require 20-40 photos on every work order from our crews. Single uploads take way to much time. Considering we do an average of 5-6 jobs a day on each crew, This has be some quite a...

mattvp92 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Adding Discount Task

How can techs apply a discount task to an estimate from the mobile side & having it fall under Discount & Fees? We have only done this from the office

allisonc by New Contributor II
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Add square or circle option to Photo Mark Up

Very simple fix. I would like to have the option to add a circle and a square, a straight line, on the photo mark up. Maybe change the size of the marker line. It would just help keep things move faster and look much cleaner. When on site doing estim...

Viewing Forms

Hey Everyone Just Curious If there is an Easier was to View a Service location Form other then Scrolling down the Job Page and finding the Little Eye Ball and Clicking on it. Im Hoping their is a Setting we can turn on to make this alot easier to Vie...

Patches by New Contributor II
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Attaching PDF in the field

Is there a way to attach a pdf form on a job from the mobile app? We have water purveyors that use Tokay for backflow prevention tests and we're wanting out testers to add the pdf form to the job so we have proof in the office of completion. This wou...

josh_bab by New Contributor II
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Tech work schedules

Would like techs to have visibility in their assigned work and on-call schedule for period of time (2-4 weeks). Not job or non-job assignments, but work schedule. Since tech shifts are already created and visible for admins, would like that same visi...

mborowsk by New Contributor
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Email Attachment Confusion

New to ST but we seem to be creating issues when techs email invoices with forms and estimates during recurring service visits.... Our clients don't seem to click into pdf attachments to understand the difference between estimates and actual invoices...

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hunterma by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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