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Admins can now choose to provide CSRs with a continuous audible notification when they are set to Off-Duty for missing or rejecting a Call Center call. 

What is changing and why?
Currently, when a CSR misses or declines a call, Dialpad automatically changes their status to Off-Duty, and they are informed via a pop-up push notification.

With this feature update, CSRs will now be informed of their status change with an audible notification (tone) that will play until they acknowledge they have been put Off-Duty and selects if they will revert to Available or remain Off-Duty. The push notification behavior remains unchanged.

With a continual audible notification, CSRs are incentivized to quickly acknowledge their change in status, resulting in a shorter time spent Off-Duty. Not only that, but it also eliminates CSRs not realizing they were placed Off-Duty after missing a call. 

How does it work?
Admins can enable or disable the Agent Audible Notification for Off Duty Status feature from their Call Center Administrator Settings in Dialpad.

This setting is enabled by default — if you do not want your CSRs to receive the audible notification, you will need to manually uncheck the box beside Enable agent audible notification.

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@mirdesch were you aware of this update?

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This looks really cool! We don't have Phones Pro because we don't have good enough internet for it, but that is awesome!

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@KhianaKlatt I am just learning about it now lol

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