Rebuilding a PriceBook from scratch

Fun topic that nobody really talks about because it is rather daunting: rebuilding a PriceBook. My company has been with ServiceTitan for a few years now, and for our PriceBook, we have services and materials from at least 4 different versions of pri...

Nelson_Gothard by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Business Unit Specific Pricing

Does anyone have an update on when the Business Unit Specific Pricing might be available? Specifically interested in using it with rate sheets (Different trades use different material markups). My commercial division is in desperate need of this now....

sjaeger by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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searchable pricebook terms

I'd appreciate any votes. I'm sure this would be incredibly useful to us all.

KellyB by New Contributor III
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Whats the difference? Material, Equipment, Service

Ok, so I joined a company who has been using service titan for a while now and have been trying to learn all I can. Recently I was tasked with getting the company setup in the inventory module. This company has been running for years using service ti...

KellyB by New Contributor III
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