Resolved! Exporting a PO to PDF

Hello, When we are exporting an inventory PO to PDF, it is putting the items in an order different than how it was created in ST. Has anyone else ran into this and if so how do you combat it? Thanks

jrohrs by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Purchase Order Update

While there were many great things that came in the last update, there is a new issue with how PO's are printing off. With the new update, the PO numbers in the top left corner are printing nearly impossible to read, is there anything that can be don...

dahlbyw by New Contributor II
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Job Costing Flyout

We would like to see Technician's rate changes with effective dates. Currently, when the Tech's rate of pay is changed, the new rate shows on Jobs done before the effective date making the job costing incorrect. Also, the overtime is not calculated c...

Amy by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Estimates created without a job?

Is there a way to pull an estimate that was created under a customer but not a 'job' into a project? Or 'Book A New Job' from an estimate that was not created from a 'Job'? The estimates created without jobs attached are just in limbo?

swagman by New Contributor II
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Export labor costs to accounting software

At present, ST does not export labor charges to the accounting software. When I questioned support on this, their ultimate answer is that you should post labor costs from payroll and consider that your job cost. Unfortunately, that is very bad advice...

michael21 by Contributor III
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Sold Estimate Project Status

Hey Team! Need some advice... We have sold estimates that our a package we sell to our clients at an in-home demo with a sales rep. Then after selling the estimate we have an installation team that needs to go out to preform the equipment install. Af...

lbrewste by New Contributor III
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