Please Vote for my Idea

I need the ability to return to "pending status" (edit) a received po for our larger commercial projects.Please vote for my idea:

spetrie by Contributor II
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Technician PO Feature Request

It would be cool if the technicians could link in to the material pricebook and add materials from the PO Screen in Mobile. If the techs dont get the item code perfect they are severley slowed down in building a PO.

dhutton by New Contributor
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Keeping tracks of payments made to a vendor

Hello everyone!We are trying to do a better job at tracking job costs and we have run into the issue of having to keep track of the payments being made to the vendors for which we have added PO and turn this information into some sort of balance repo...

TLD_KSMR by New Contributor
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Resolved! Duplicating a Material that is Inventoried

Hey all, I am in need of some assistance!So after getting all my materials inventoried, I noticed that I was in need of a few more materials, and went to duplicate some of the already created materials (since it was simpler, and had most the info I n...

ZMR-TBHVAC by New Contributor III
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