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The reports and dashboards needs more options for reporting metrics

It exists only for revenue on the modular dashboard but I should be able to make any metric into a bar graph for month over month or whatever time frame I choose.

Most common and helpful month over month bar graph displays:

  • # of calls by lead sources (multi bar graph month over month)
  • # of leads by lead source (multi bar graph month over month)
  • Revenue by lead source (multi bar graph month over month)
  • # of unbooked calls (bar graph month over month)
  • Count Unbooked calls reasons (multi bar graph month over month)
  • Count of open estimates

What these reports help with:

  • Determining if total count of any lead source is shrinking or growing
  • Determining if unbooked calls is growing or shrinking and for what reasons
  • Determining if open estimates is growing or shrinking




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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

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