Report for Labor Revenue Only by Technician

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Is anyone aware of a way to report on revenue per technician but only for labor/service invoice items? 

I can't seem to find a way to have a report show the correct revenue per technician but filter it for pricebook category Service items or even by GL Account for us of "Labor Income"

We are implementing an incentive pay program but we only want to include labor/service revenue generated.

Thanks for any and all help! 


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Hi @MemphisIce

I believe running a custom report may be helpful. Just navigate to the Reports tab > Create Report > Sales, Opportunities & Revenue > Technician Performance > You will see "TECHNICIAN REVENUE KPIS" section in the Columns.  Attaching a screenshot as well. Hope this helps. 

Thanks for the response. Those reporting metrics are close. The only problem with those is that I can't narrow down the revenue to Service invoice items only as opposed to all revenue generated.