This report changed my mornings!


I am old school, and used to come in each morning, hand write myself notes about all my open service calls and then Football strategy write all over my notepad who's and what's and customers names and numbers.

I got sick of it!  So I created a report!

It seems so simple (now) but what I did was made a report with just categories that I need as the dispatch supervisor in the morning to move stuff around.  Here's a sample:

I just select today's date and filter by Job Start Date.  I can go down the list, reach out to my techs, contact my customers and coordinate my day! 

Hope it helps!  Have a great weekend everyone!!

Daily Report.jpg

Dispatch and Office Supervisor - Smelly Mel's Plumbing

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

The report is immensely helpful, thanks for sharing it with the Community, @ChelseaTitan 🙂