Urgent Help Needed: Correcting Gross Margin Calculation Error in ServiceTitan Reports

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Dear ServiceTitan Support Team,

I'm encountering an issue with the calculation of Average Gross Margin in our daily reports. Our technicians rely on the Gross Margin % of their jobs for bonuses, and currently, the system seems to be using an "Average of Averages" method to calculate this metric. However, this method is not providing an accurate representation of their performance.

Since the Average Gross Margin field is pre-populated and not modifiable on our end, it appears to be a calculation error within the ServiceTitan system. Could you please assist us in resolving this? We need the software to accurately calculate the overall Average Gross Margin, taking into account the total job costs and total job revenues, rather than averaging individual job margins.

Your prompt attention to this matter would greatly help us in ensuring fair and accurate bonus calculations for our technicians.

Thank you for your assistance.


New Contributor

Hello Nik Thank you for providing me with your question, to ensure we are working towards the same end goal, can you clarify what tech performance KPIs you would like to see to calculate tech bonuses? Our team cannot edit the existing KPI calculations on reports however we can advise using specific KPI and reports to use to find the information you are looking for. Thank you!

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

@nik_lawh, thanks for bringing this topic to our attention!  I have forwarded the details you provided to our team of technical specialists and your case is currently under review. The specialist will get in touch with you soon for further help.