Electrical Close Rate Average

Hi,Looking to see what other companies close rates are but specifically in the electrical service side of things. Any information helps, thank you in advance!

Ashten_1 by New Contributor
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Report for Notifications

Trying to set up a report to determine what customers notifications are turned off? We have a tag for the one's we want turned off so I can easily find them, but some customers notifications get turned off when having to redispatch or something of th...

samantha14 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Revenue Goals on Dashboard

So the owner of our company assigns us revenue goals for each month. I was wondering if there was a way to capture this on service titan so our technicians can see how we are doing getting to that goal. I'm sure it is a custom field but was not sure ...

user_f54 by New Contributor II
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Technician shift

When you create a shift, time off, on call or overnight for a technician or anyone the note you add at the bottom how to you generate a report to see the notes added?

bruggier by New Contributor III
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Calls Requiring Parts Reporting

Hey Everyone! We're ALWAYS looking for ways to improve our process! While creating a report for another item, I noticed a reporting option 'Calls Requiring Parts' with an info description of "Shows 'Yes' if a job required any material; otherwise 'No'...

ashleyle1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Revenue Heat Map Duration Settings

Is there any way to change the time frame that the revenue heat map shows? Currently my heat map only shows the revenue tiers for the current day, and I would like to be able to change the time frame so I can view it my month, or year etc. Please let...

Job Comparison Report

Hello ServiceTitan Community!I am trying to configure a report for our irrigation business that will show customers that have had a startup service toward the beginning of the season and have a schedule shut down for the end of season to make sure we...

Resolved! Looking for information/assistance on setting up API

We would like to access our ST data using API. Unfortunately this is something we are not entirely familiar with. Is there anyone out there using API to pull data into a data repository, create reports, etc? I am stuck on the actual set up. Is this s...

Automate Non Opportunity on Sold Jobs

Is it possible to automatically check the non opportunity box when creating a sold job? I thought tagging it with a tag that has the "conversion opportunity" box unchecked would do this, but it doesn't appear to be working. We are looking to have acc...

ryan_cal by New Contributor
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report KPI showing Revenue Average OVER the Sales Threshold

Is there any existing KPI that shows total revenue or total job average OVER the sales threshold? For example, i want to see my tech averages excluding what they were "going there to collect" how much did my technician collect on a main...

msouther by New Contributor
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