Does anyone use Pricebook Pro ? and is it worth the additional cost ?

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We are currently considering using the Pricebook pro feature , I wanted to get a gauge from someone who is actively using it. What advantages are there ?


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Do Your Homework and as many demos as it takes to know what you are buying. Our experience was: it is not a plug and play feature, and ended up to be a lot of unexpected work. We signed up for Pricebook Pro and it was a total waste of money and time. A very under developed product for our company. We were spending so much time fixing their book it made us feel we bought a project, not a pricebook.

  • A lot of tasks missing material or wrong material.
  • Complete categories of material missing
    (No ABS, No Brass, No Galvanized, and many other missing items and services)
  • If you added missing items and later they did too, it would duplicate in the next update and you had a mess.
  • Many Services were missing the material to do the service, or had material that didn't belong.
  • Also the categories were poorly planed so it was very difficult to apply automatic discounts and pricing structures. (This may be corrected with the new dynamic pricing)

All that being said, ServiceTitan is building and improving features all the time. I would just be very careful that you know what you are signing up for will work they way it is supposed to. From our experience, this product is good for someone who has no time to invest in their price book and just needs something to get going. Otherwise, I would suggest just use the normal pricebook tool and build your own tasks as you go. 

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YES!!! I have spent around 15k for pricebooks and they did a decent job but were a pain being in seperate apps. Im a firm believer in PBP and I believe the cost is worth it. ST updates the materials once a month so you get updated pricing and its a breeze to change your billable hour if needed. We have enough stuff to screw up on a daily basis and I really dont want it to be my pricing! lol

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We were on Profit Rhino for a few years.  It created an awful mess for our techs when using mobile.  It was a cumbersome tool on good days.  We recently took a weekend to do a full reset of our PB and integrated PBPro (deleted 23,000 unused elements from rhino).  We have noticed some material costing is markedly different than our vendor contracted costs, which takes some careful attention. However, technicians are pleased with the performance and general accuracy.  The builder is easy to work with for your modifiers and costing.

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We use pricebook pro for HVAC. Started out using profit rhino and importing it that way. After the finger pointing when there was an issue with them we dropped profit rhino and went with pricebook pro. The average repair pricing is nice but need to keep an eye on it as sometimes it’s lower than what you’re spending, that’s an easy fix to update the pricing though. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hi, we love Pricebook Pro, some of the benefits I am going to list here are straight from the knowledge base. If you are new to Service Titan and want to get a head start on things in your Pricebook then Pricebook Pro might be for you.


Benefits of ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro
ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro is a multi-trade resource that offers popular service items, complete with images, sold hours, and attached materials. With Pricebook Pro you can:

  • Decrease pricebook setup time with detailed service items developed using industry best practices
  • Offer revenue-generating services at the best prices
  • Boost productivity through an easily manageable, pre-loaded pricebook
  • Increase sales through high-resolution images, helping your technicians provide customers with better insight into services
  • Keep your pricebook up to date with newly added services and service updates


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