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Hi all! 

I am trying to find a way to simplify a task we do, but am not having the most luck streamlining it.

We currently have four location-based service areas that have different pricing. What we currently do is have our inspection job types pre-populate an inspection and chimney sweep in the invoice at our primary service area pricing upon booking and then the CSR who books the call has to go in and update the cost based on the customer's location so that the tech charges them correctly.

I have toyed with the idea of just making additional services in the pricebook for these that are at the pricing for the different zones and then making new job types that will prepopulate those services to avoid any potential CSR error in updating pricing on the invoice (my only potential qualm with this is making the pricebook even more busy than it already is, but that is less important than charging the customer correctly). I would like to see if there's an additional layer to this I could add to where when the CSR chooses the customer's location, the job types for that zip code's zone would be the only ones that are options in the drop down. Does anything like this exist? 


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Did you find a solution to this yet? I have a theory ....

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Have you tried Client Specific Pricing??, this feature is basically for T&M and based on zones or exclusive rates per customer