Customizing Communication Features

There should be a way to send a specific email to different job types. Like for a preventive maintenance I would want to be able to send the initial email with the details of what we were doing for the preventive maintenance. Same as an install I wou...

kgibson by New Contributor
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Service Area Zones

Hi all! I am trying to find a way to simplify a task we do, but am not having the most luck streamlining it.We currently have four location-based service areas that have different pricing. What we currently do is have our inspection job types pre-pop...

Bremease by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Skill set capacity vs adjustable capacity planning

I am getting ready to set up capacity planning for my business and today I read on here that you have to choose between manual adjustment capacity and skill capacity when setting up. If you chose manual adjustment capacity, is the CSR still able to s...

BRH by New Contributor
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