Door Estimating from the office?? (dynamic & client specific)

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We are currently onboarding.  The way we currently build estimates is we price the door and installation T&M (client specific pricing).  We all know that there is no standard door cost because every door is different.  Therefore we have an Equipment item for each door model (for example Haas CHT-716) and the cost in the pricebook is zero.  When we build the estimate, we simply edit the details in the description manually (size, color, windows, spring, track) and also enter the cost manually.  I like how the sell price auto-populates based on my rate sheet.  The install labor is then added in as a service task.

HOWEVER!  Our opener installs all "rate services".  If I want to add an opener task to a door estimate, the service/task price for the opener turns into a zero.  The system doesn't like mixing client specific pricing and dynamic pricing, I'm told.  

I'm thinking i need to somehow make my garage doors into service tasks, but so many combinations and variables..... How are y'all doing it??


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I know this is MONTHS after your question was posted but I just got on here and saw it.  We have similar problems.  We have our doors in as "equipment" with a zero price attached - we then customize each one and add labor as a task.  For openers though, we add them as a task and it populates the equipment because we have it tied to the task in our pricebook.

Did you find a better way to handle how you do yours?  Garage doors are definitely more complex than what ST is used to handling (IMO)...