Vertical Track was Awesome!!!

Was great seeing so many of you fellow titans at the event this past week. Was an amazing turnout and learned so much. If you missed it, you will have to be there next year!!! Shoutout to Paul at Door Serv Pro, Ryan and Door Doctor Houston, Byron at ...

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Free Tickets To Pantheon!!!

Hey there! How would you like an opportunity to win some awesome prizes—including a pair of tickets to Pantheon 2023—just for sharing your knowledge and helping others out in the ServiceTitan Community? From now until November 3rd, you can do just th...

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Resolved! Question for discussion group please respond.

In talking to my co-workers I get some comments from prospective garage door shops that tell us ServiceTitan is over rated where they get that information from discussion groups. What groups are they interacting with on the net if you know can you sh...

by Former Titan
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Resolved! Happy Monday Everyone!

I am getting ready to give the group from Training at ServiceTitan some incite to the garage door vertical market to give them a better understanding of what is going on and how it works! They want to know the difference between the garage door indus...

Simple question of Average Ticket isnt so simple

How does your company calculate average ticket. I was asked this question recently and while it may seem like a very simple question, it turns out there is quite a lot more that goes into it. When trying to benchmark yourself against others, it is im...

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Garage Door Insulation DIY Failure

Happy Friday Eve everyone! I was in Lowes yesterday after work and in the return are I was seeing the DIY garage door insulation kits in a return pile and asked why are there so many of these being returned half opened? Living in Southern California ...