Need to track multiple pay styles per technician - Hourly AND performance pay

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I am trying to figure out how to get a certain workflow ironed out. 
We have technicians who are paid on performance pay sometimes via configurable payroll, and hourly pay other times. For example, on a Monday Technician A might go on estimates or sales appointments, and he does not get paid hourly for that time. He gets performance pay based on what he sells. On Tuesday he may go to assist another technician with one of their projects, and he will clock in for the day and be paid hourly for that entire day. 
We currently have simple Clock I/O enabled. But that causes problems because that automatically clocks a technician in when they dispatch to a job and therefore starts tracking hourly pay for them. 
What I would ideally want is to have 2 different clock ins that a technician can use. One tracks paid hours, and the other tracks unpaid hours. So if they are doing sales appointments that day they can clock in to unpaid hours and not have it automatically try to pay them based off of dispatch/arrival/complete job time. And then a paid clock in that is simple, just clock in and out. So they can clock in when they arrive at the shop in the morning and clock out when they leave the shop at the end of the day. 
Is there a way to do this? 

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We do as bdavis suggested and it has worked great!

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This can be done using non-job event unpaid timesheet codes. These codes allow the technician to clock in/out of an unpaid event. Here are the steps to set this up! Also, here are the steps technicians should take from mobile to clock in and out of an unpaid event. 

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Can this go to one report  (performance and timesheet pay) Our Lead Installer is having an issue with lining the two up for payroll and I'm trying to find a solution that would be easier for him to read and approve.