Non-Job Events and Time

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I'm looking for information or suggestions on how the time for non-job events, specifically meetings work. I've read over articles but none address this issue. We have weekly meetings scheduled for techs as non-job events. They are marked as paid and need a time sheet. However, the tech will see an extra hour on their time sheet for a few days leading up to the meeting day until they clock in and out of the event. Their time will then adjust but they are seeing/thinking they have an hour more time than they actually do until the event happens. Is there a solution to this? I've called ST support and they have confirmed there isn't one. Anyone else experiencing this? Can that be changed or hidden? 


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Community Manager

Hi @Tionna, thanks for bringing this topic to our attention. I believe this is the intended process at this time but let's see if one of our experts @DaylaPCG can suggest any solution or workaround.