Technician On-Call pay on a Paid Holiday - how to track - ST will not allow both.

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When a tech is On-Call for a Paid Holiday - the office "schedules" all techs for a "paid Holiday" 8:30-4:30pm.  However, techs that are on-call during the day are not getting paid for the time they work, other than if it is outside of the 8:30-4:30 holiday pay schedule.  This short pays technicians.  Need to know correct way to track holidays for ALL techs AND allow on-call techs to accrue time on timesheet that shows the time they "worked" on the holiday (i.e., if a tech has 8 hrs of holiday pay, but also works 8 hrs, he should be paid for 16 hours of pay total on that day).





Put your holiday pay for the on call tech from 12 am to 8 am. However, I understand what if they have an emergency call at 7 am, but we could also the next day on the office side and add the Holiday time around the hours the tech worked on call, so that the tech gets the holiday pay and the actually pay for the hours he worked on call that day. This is the solution I just came up with last week because of Labor Day holiday was a nightmare for me.

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What I have done to pay the techs for holiday work is to create an Overtime Rule called Holiday Pay.

Before I run payroll / reports that includes a holiday, I pick the day of the week for the Holiday and list it as double. I then list the rest of our overtime rules like normal. For us, it's anything over 40 is 1.5.

Then you go into Employee Payroll settings and update the OT Profile to the Holiday Pay. You can change all or just some of the techs.

Once payroll is completed, change the OT Profile back to the normal one you use. 

It sounds like a lot of work, but it's much easier than the suggestions ST provided adding payroll adjustments for the holiday. It also keeps the jobs in the correct place on the dispatch board which is critical for us when we bill our customers.  


I just learned the hard way that ST does this if a tech works on a holiday. It would be nice if ST had a better way to do this.

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Welcome to the Community and congrats on your first post, @terrie_c 🎉

That's a great question, let's see if one of our Payroll and Timesheets experts can weigh in. @JessicaSmith  have you worked with or have suggestions for tracking Technician On-Call pay on a Paid Holiday?

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Thanks @LBabayan . @terrie_c what I do is after the holiday, I go back to the dispatch board and MOVE the holiday hours to outside of the time the tech worked. Then they get paid for both!

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Thanks.  That's what I did as work around, but thought there must be an official way to do it so we don't have to backtrack.  I will keep doing it this way.  Thanks!