Technician Timesheet Summary by Pay Period - by Business Unit?

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Hey there,

I'm looking for a way to run the Technician Timesheet Summary by Pay Period for specific Business Unit(s). We need to distribute sections of the report to appropriate supervisors for shift verification, but can't find a way to select just the business units we need. We're only seeing the option to run the report for the entire organization.

I tried creating a new report, but don't need all the detail and can't figure out how to get the same info in the Technician Timesheet Summary by Pay Period, just being able to select specific business units. Does anyone know if there's a way to do this?

Thanks in advance!
Donna Rae


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @DonnaRaeHollis

Thanks for bringing this topic to our attention! I have forwarded the details you provided to our team of technical specialists, and your case is currently under review. The specialist will get in touch with you soon for further help. 

Thank you! We're trying to work out a solution on this end as well, even exporting the data into Excel where we can split out the techs we need. Unfortunately, when I ran that report this morning, the totals for each employee are not present as they are if you export the report in PDF format. 

I exported the data @ 1/16 and the totals by employee WERE present in Excel, so now even that option is no longer viable. We're hoping for a viable option before we need to run payroll next week. 

Thanks again!
Donna Rae Hollis
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Hi, I wanted to update you on my last message - I did find the employee totals in the Excel report - they are just on a separate tab. It feels like Monday today. :O/