additional commission for certain tasks

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We are wanting to give certain price book items an additional %.    Was hope there was an automatic way instead of manually doing each payroll adjustment

So if my tech is set up for 5%  but they want task 1,2,3 and then 7, 8, 9 to give them 10%.


Hoping someone has done this before and has great time saving suggestion


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator


Performance pay is only available on the Works package. You will find a commissions tab on each task/service and will be able to set the % of bonus you are looking to give to all your techs.


If you are planning to pay techs different % of commission on the same service, then just mark the service/task as pays commission on the techs profile you set the %



Once is payroll week, on your Payroll Approval you will be able to see the Performance pay for each one of you technicians  **Note- for commission to be calculated the invoices need to be posted or exported