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We are working on being part community events more, like parades, food deliveries to elderly etc...  Does anyone have any thought on working on such events while low key promoting a business?  It's more about the community and we don't want to shout it on the roof tops but still want them to know who we are.  We already wear uniforms/logos on shirts. Any subtly suggestions welcome.


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I would say to take advantage of the fact that it is right around the holidays. Do something small, like cookies & hot chocolate with Santa for the local kids. Set up a tent with some of your companies give aways. While the kids are looking forward to the event, you are also pulling in people from your local community that are not that familiar with your company. You also could do this in a tent at a local community holiday event that your town might be hosting, a holiday event in your town square. If the kids see Santa it will draw them to your booth and the parents will grab a magnet or something small that has your name and phone number on it. If you're really on a tight budget, buy a Santa costume and see if someone in your work place would be willing to play Santa for a few hours. Just a thought.

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Diane, I love this question.  I sit on the board of the economic development corps in my county, and I struggle not to seem like I am just in it for me.  The way I have been handling that is to really not be in it for me.  The selflessness seems to come back to me anyway.  Just being a part of the community makes a difference.  That being said, I also started a charity for suicide prevention, and once in a while, business owners will tell me they don't want to sponsor because they don't want to make people think they are supporting the cause just to be seen.  My answer to them is this  - when you support our cause and are seen, it helps others see our cause and be willing to step up.  Your promoting yourself is actually good for my charity.  I hope this helps. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

DM me and I can put you in touch with our branding manager, she has some great ideas

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

That's a great idea! Definitely wearing uniforms is a good idea. Signs, business cards, and company vehicles present whenever possible is the only other things that come to mind right away for me.

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Depending on the set up, you could get a pop up tent that has your brand/logo on it.  It would stand out more than basic white ones.  Other options would be to promote the event on your social media (depending on the type of event).  I think if you make it more about the event than the company you will get better feedback.  Have items available that can promote your company if people ask, engage people in conversations if they want to know more.

And I love that you are looking to make it more about the community, that alone goes a long way for your area.  

Miranda Melnychuk, RSE
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