ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hey everybody! 

When it comes to building estimates in Service Titan most everyone has some experience building estimates on a job (either from the mobile or office side). Estimates built on a job provide follow up options to the technician if unsold. They also show on the Follow Up screen for the office if unsold or sold, but not booked. For tracking purposes this is ideal. Also if the person building the estimate needs to track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) tied to the building of that estimate it is typically ideal to build it on a job. That said you have more options that can come in handy depending on how your company operates!  

The following options do require account configuration. If you do not see these options your CSM can turn them on for you! 

1. Building Estimates During Call Booking - 



 This is an ideal option for membership sales that are booking the maintenance now. Here are things to note:


- This estimate can not be built and left, it has to be added to either a job (by booking one) or a project (by creating one). 

- There is no true tracking of estimates built this way. This means that you cannot track it through the Follow Up screen like you can other estimates. 

- Upon building this estimate you will be prompted with actions that force it to be placed somewhere. 




2. Building Estimates On Location - This option allows easier flow to office staff who might have to build options prior to going on site. That said limiting access so that this is not used in situations it should not be is important. Things to note:

- It is still best practice to build the estimate on a job if it applies. This means if you went out to a job and just want to build an estimate from the office later you should still book a job for proper KPI tracking. 

- Estimates built on location do function on the Follow Up screen the way on job estimates do. You will see an added option to filter unsold estimates to exclusively look at ones built on a location. 

- This is an office side feature that is limited via permissions. 

If you have any questions about the functionality of these features or struggles your company has with estimates please post a comment! It's Go Time!