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COMMUNITY-I-2321 I need to be able to report on the Event Name and Description fields of a non-job event!!
If it exists someone please tell me where to find a report that will pull info off the non-job events. I know I can run a timesheet report but I need the info description and event name.... if y'all confirm this doesn't exist I'll add it as an idea!
COMMUNITY-I-2212 We need audit trails on EVERYTHING but specifically on invoices (without a job) and non-job events. It makes life so much easier when I can see the scenario and know who to ask if I have questions!
Please click the link to vote! COMMUNITY-I-2145 When I'm sending monthly statements, I email all that have an email address. After that process the only other option is to filter by "not sent" BUT if the customer got a statement last month (print and...
In February of 2007 Bill Joplin's Air Conditioning & Heating decided to take a chance on an inexperienced 25 year-old and hired me as the receptionist. Since then I have climbed the ranks and now my official title is Service Operations Manager. I love working for a family owned company with very high standards and ethics. We onboarded with Service Titan early 2021 from a very antiquated software and I assumed the responsibility of ST project manager for Joplin's. Fun facts about me, I am very competitive, LOVE to learn, have two awesome kids, crochet, garden and I don't like hugs.