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COMMUNITY-I-3801 Customer notifications settings for multiple appointments on the same dayWe will add an appointment to an existing job for the same day when a manager needs to go assist or we need to send additional help. When doing this the custome...
We lost 201 points overnight??   
When you click on the technician on the right side of the dispatch board and click edit timesheet it use to only bring up that days timesheet. It made it easy to make necessary edits... now it brings up the payroll for the whole payroll period with t...
It would be AMAZING to be able to filter out membership billings that are still owed for a recurring service reminder campaign in Marketing Pro! COMMUNITY-I-2869
COMMUNITY-I-2321 I need to be able to report on the Event Name and Description fields of a non-job event!!
In February of 2007 Bill Joplin's Air Conditioning & Heating decided to take a chance on an inexperienced 25 year-old and hired me as the receptionist. Since then I have climbed the ranks and now my official title is Service Operations Manager. I love working for a family owned company with very high standards and ethics. We onboarded with Service Titan early 2021 from a very antiquated software and I assumed the responsibility of ST project manager for Joplin's. Fun facts about me, I am very competitive, LOVE to learn, have two awesome kids, crochet, garden and I don't like hugs.