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I keep getting this alert when trying to print/add payments to POS invoices. I can't get past it. Ideas?
Since the update, the Recurring Service appointments are not saving the "from date" unless you click the date on the calendar. If you type in the date without clicking it on the calendar, even when its properly formatted.
All of a sudden, our arrival windows are now separated by business units. We did not change any settings. All window times are set to "All Business Units". Our arrival windows are the same, regardless of business units. Can we change this back to how...
Emails are not saving on the mobile end. Techs are doing what they've always done, and all of a sudden the emails are not saving to the customer profile. Has anyone else experienced this? Help please! Thanks.
Frequently, completed Recurring Service Events are showing as "not attempted" once a job is done. The job has been scheduled from the recurring service event and properly completed. Why would this happen? Does it show "not completed" if something was...
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