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Recently completed the Ember Sessions (highly recommend!) Come to find out during the sessions we raised our Titan Advisor score by 19 points! It ended up being the highest in the group. Thanks to the Ember & Spark team for the neat tumbler!
Does anyone use the POS system, but not charge Tax? We don't charge Tax, and to use the POS syestem, you must have a tax zone set up. I tried creating a zero-dollar tax zone, but that gives me so many errors while exporting. I have brought this up to...
What is everyone's favorite feature from the spring release? (ST-69)Mine so far is the expectant "touchless integration" with QBO to allow smoother exporting, and to almost eliminate batching and posting!
We often send quote requests to our vendors for material, to see which ones provide the best price. Does anyone do this through ST? We just recently started purchasing through ST and wonder if anyone does this through ST. Thanks
Is there a report that you can pull to see how many hours a tech is working on average a week? Like over the past few weeks.