Do Not Service feature

New Contributor III

We had created a tag for "Do Not Service" prior to the button the customer account being available.  I have gone through and verified all accounts that had the tag now have the button clicked.  While I was doing that, I found a number of accounts still had the "Do Not Service" button clicked, but had paid their bill.  We click that button once a customer goes beyond 30 days without paying their invoice.  If we take a payment over the phone, we visually see the big red banner across the top of the screen and take it off once payment is collected.  The problem is, when a customer pays through the emailed payment link or when a check is posted from the Accounting module in Service Titan, there is nothing that prompts us or shows us that the account had the "Do Not Service" button checked.  


Is there a way to show on the Accounting module when we are batching these payments that the accounts are marked with "Do Not Service"?  We can see the invoice number, customer name, business unit, etc.  Is there a way to highlight the transactions on "Do Not Service" accounts or somehow give us a visual prompt that we need to unclick that box?  This disrupts the work flow when a customer calls in to schedule service and the CSR can't book a job because that box is checked and they have to stop to verify the account is past due with the accounting department.