Follow Up for AR Management

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Open Balances and AR management are an important "follow up" workflow, but there is no dedicated place to make notes, have a status, or a follow up date when it comes to collecting open balances.

The follow up workflows exist - expiring memberships, unsold estimates, etc. - it just needs to be applied to Open Balances. This is an important Follow Up workflow to any business and especially those of us in charge of collections.

This information could live in the Accounting transaction hub (AR management/Invoices) or Follow up page - but it is a dedicated place where you can view important data on Open Invoices and make dedicated AR notes, set a status, set a Follow up date, and notes Follow up attempts. The data in the table would be customer contact info, balance due, credits available, recent AR note, job/invoice details. The columns in the table would be links that can take you to the customer, location, job page, or invoice page to look into their history. This is a table that can be filtered and sorted. We should be able to e-mail and print invoices/statements from here (individually and in bulk).

Any notes made in the AR follow up ties back to the notes on the job page (similar to estimate/opportunity follow up). We should be able to change the follow up date (similar to a recurring service or estimate) so then the system helps set a reminder when the customer says call back at "1pm today when I'm home", or or I am mailing a check - we could set follow-up date a week out - to remind yourself to see if the payment came - if it did then that customer falls off the list because they no longer have an open balance, but then in 1 week it is still there you can follow up and have the notes why.

Having the ability to customize the status and the status list (this setting already exists - for expiring memberships). This would allow companies that have a customer on a payment plan to create and mark the open balance in a status of "Payment Plan". The options are limitless with a customizable status.

These workflows exist, it just needs to be applied to Open Balances. I love me a good automated open invoices campaign, or AR statement blast, but I feel like I re-create the wheel every time I go in to do collections because notes are everywhere - customer page, location, job record, forms, in e-mail, task manager, in excel, on a random printed off AR list (PAPER, ugh) - when it should just live in a dedicated Follow Up / AR Management tool.