Call Bookings Data

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What is the best report to identify the total number of jobs booked. I can identify how many jobs dispatched by business unit but I cannot get an accurate number of jobs booked prior to any cancellations which obviously exists. I can due without this number but then I do not have a true accurate figure of our CSR teams booking performance.

It would be great to take this one step forward and get a breakdown of manual jobs booked by business unit. I can not accurately assess call center performance if we cannot include manual bookings into their KPIs since we will always have some of these from various third party marketing vendors that we use.



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This has been a challenge for me as well. I want to count every lead (not just those that come from a call) and compare to every booking for a CSR booking rate. The bookings part is easier to get. 

Run a job report and include all status types including cancelled and completes. 

For leads I go to the search screen and search all leads for same time frame filtering out converted leads. That gets me every lead not booked. 

If I want anything more than the total number I end up exporting into excel and pivoting for different views. 

This only works if every lead is either booked or a follow up gets created. 

It’s frustrating that this is not native to the system as booking rate is so critical to almost every business using Titan