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When we mark a lead as a follow up since we did not book the job there is no way for a CSR member to really know that, that follow up that was created should be booked from the follow up tab unless they know where to look.

We think it would be helpful to add a button under that customers file or that location letting people know "click here to book the follow up that was created." Verses having to search through customer notes to see if the follow up was made, then having to go to the follow up tab and search through the leads to book that job. I feel like we cant be the only company that realized how time consuming this process is. 


Thank you so much for the tip! I will for sure do that! 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @Naomih -- sounds like something you should post on the ideas page! After you post the idea, copy the link and share on here so people can upvote.


Sheena @ NiFT

Thank you so much for the tip! I will for sure do that!