Phone Calls

How do I enter an out of country telephone number? I have a homeowner is Egypt but I cannot add his number in so our calls are recorded.

ypeters by New Contributor
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Create Estimate from Job Booking page

Anybody have the Create Estimate from Job Booking page toggled on? What kind of business units are you using it for? Have you run into any issues allowing CSRs to build an estimate for the tech from the office?We don't give out pricing over the phone...

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AlexPhylactou by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Location Naming Best Practices

We are trying to create a standard naming procedure for locations and wanted to see what everyone else is doing.Right now we create a tenant and location with the same name but that throws it off when "Jason's vacation home" gets sold and has a new o...

AlexPhylactou by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Scheduling with Contractors

We have recently discussed adding General Contractors to our list of clientele. Our challenge is how to set them up in Service Titan. Our goal is to be able to send the estimate to the General Contractor without sending it to the homeowner. Also, the...

Angi Leads

Hi everyone-If you are using the Angi Leads Integration (linked below), how are you recording the leads for follow up that are not booked as calls?Re: angi leads integration

charringtonPSB by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Calls bubble notification

On the Calls screen, why is there a Manual Job button and also a Manual Call automatically created by the system outlined in blue? You can discard and close the Manual Call but it soon reappears. This manual call created by the system makes a red not...

Topahill by New Contributor
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Resolved! It would be great if admin could delete recorded calls

Sensitive phone calls WILL come in, and if you or the person answering the call cannot "pause" the recording, there should be an option for the admin to delete the recording.Secondly, we noticed private voicemails to individual extensions are being r...