Stop Automatically Converting Jobs to No Charge After Sold Estimate?

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I saw a post similar to this one from a couple years ago and was advised by tech support to rehash the topic. I just got done speaking with them about the setting that automatically changes jobs to "no charge" when an estimate is sold on the job, even if that job has items on its invoice. It would be nice to have a setting that allows jobs to remain "normal" jobs if they still have items on the invoice instead of changing to "no charge" jobs whenever an estimate is sold. If anyone knows a workaround that'd be great.


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I just saw this and didn't see an idea posted, so I just wanted to share that I submitted an idea and here it is if you'd like to vote:

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @PeteCav , 

Thanks for bringing this topic to our attention. Currently, the system automatically changes jobs to "no charge" when an estimate is sold on the job. 

The best place to share your idea is:
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