Time Zone Selection from Call Booking Screen

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We are a business that schedules service calls in two different time zones but our main office is in a different time zone from one of the locations. We would like to see a feature where we can set each business unit to have its own unique time zone. Thanks!


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We are not looking for the time zone to be displayed but to have an actually time zone conversion depending on which time zone we are booking the call in. Is this a feature that can be developed?

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We also have a home base in one state and book jobs for multiple time zones. It is confusing and frustrating for our CSR's, and then our customers are receiving alerts about a scheduled appointment for an hour off-set from what their actual appointment time is. It would definitely be helpful to be able to schedule different business units as different time zones. 

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Hi @joshua_crawford

There isn't an option to set a unique timezone by a Business Unit, however, there are two configurations that can be helpful: 

"Display Tenant Timezone in Global Header" feature gate adds the customer's timezone to header as a reminder to CSRs This also displays the time difference between customer time and user time.

"UseTenantTimeZone" is typically used for call centers that are booking jobs for technicians in another time zone. Makes all times display in tenant time on Call Booking, Jobs, and Dispatch Board (including when you go to book a job). 

Hope this is helpful!

@LBabayan Does this prevent customers gettting booking confirmations in the wrong time zones?

This does not fix our issue. We need a fix where we can have different business units have different time zones. This is very frustrating and may eventually cause us to find a different software. It is critical that this issue is addressed because our business functions in two different time zones but our CSRs are in 1 time zone scheduling for both of the time zones. Again this is an issue that must have a solution. The replies on this thread indicate this is an issue for a number of your customers.

So you are telling me that a huge company such as ServiceTitan hasn't figured out how to make something as easy as a Time Zone change work correctly? The company I work for is based in PST, yet I work in AZ (which essentially has it's own time zone). So when I book a job for 8am-12pm, because the company is based in PST, half of the year my customers will get a notification stating the arrival window is 7am-11am. The only solution you are offering is to work out of the tenant's time zone? This is not how an expensive service platform should be run. There should be the option for different time zones for at least the different Business Units. 

Hello, we use an after hours booking service that is based in a different time sone (they are Eastern, we are Pacific).  We also need to ensure that the bookings they create for us are ONLY in Pacific time.  Can someone check and enable these tow features for our company as well?

How would we enable the "UseTenantTimeZone" feature?

@joshua_crawford all configurations are enabled from the backend side either from the support side or the success managers team. 

I just checked this feature for genesiselectricalservicesllc and can see it is actually enabled. 

Let me know if I can further help with this.