Customer Email Confirmations (Irrigation Company)

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Looking to see what others do with email confirmations from customers.   Currently we send out an email asking the customers to reply to email with any specific instructions to give to our technicians to have access to property on day of service. We then copy past the email into the job summary for the technician to see.  How are others capturing all the necessary information from customers that are needed for the technician? (without using marketing pro).


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We have the CSRs ask details when booking & we use auto job notifications, you can allow the tech to see the chat portion on mobile. You can then set up to auto send a text to the customer as an appointment reminder with any questions, they reply via text and then the tech can see without office needing to copy and paste. We also have ours set up so the customer can text C to confirm which changes the color of the job on dispatch board.

Side Note: Tech currently can not reply to text through app that I know of, we have a CSR monitor the Chat from the office & reply when needed.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We utilize a variety of custom fields on the job booking screen for this information.

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