Dispatch Board - Allow users (or at least groups) to choose time window to view (start time for day)

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I want to be able to change my default view of the Dispatch board to any start time I choose (8:00 am.) My team never has an appointment before 9:00 a.m., and I would like to be able to see their whole day at once. 

I do NOT want to interfere with the default Dispatch view of other employees or departments.

Currently, the company-wide default is geared toward the other departments (business units) have people scheduled earlier in the day. The Dispatch board defaults to showing everyone 5:00 am (which is always empty for my group.) This prevents me from seeing 3:00 pm appointments (which are always important for my group.)


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

It would be nice if the jobs fit in nicely on their own. I set up the job duration and schedule for the technician. I spend too much time playing with the sizes and placement just so read the board better. 

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@snorman There's not a way to do this now, however I can see how that would be valuable. I'm not a developer, but it doesn't seem to complicated to implement in employee settings... definitely put it in as an idea for the community to vote on!