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This is a two step question:

1) Currently, our company doesn't have a set warehouse staff yet so we have our technicians picking up our POs and completing returns. I have set up our main suppliers customer profiles in ST and book jobs on the techs for these pick ups or drop offs. If it is a stop that is not set up in ST, we use the dark grey job event to add it to their schedule for the day. I will write down the POs I need the techs to pick up or the items I need dropped off for the day in the job summary. However, I have been finding that frequently the boys will forget returns (leaving the items here at the shop in the morning) and will only pick up 1 out of 4 POs at a supplier (because they do not read the entire list of POs I provided in the job summary). This is causing frustration as I then have to schedule return trips and it is taking up extra time and creating unnecessary delays.

2) Each managed tech has their own bin with their name on it and I will leave their parts for the day in their bin (labelled with the date and the client's name). The techs are to check their bin each day to grab what is needed for that day's jobs. The larger items, such as equipment, are labelled in the main shop for them. I have been running into the problem where each morning the techs will ask me if they need anything for the day rather than just checking themselves. I cannot memorize the schedule and often times when they ask me, I am in the middle of another task. 

Do you have any suggestions of how to help these two work flows? Is there a report we could run so each day we can print off a list of items they need to pick up and post this list above their named bin maybe? Then they do not need to search the bin/ask me but rather just read the list? We are open to some suggestions please!


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hey @KhianaKlatt ,

There is definitely a report you can run, Create an "Invoice Items" Report.  For the Date type filter use "Scheduled Date" From-To field = Today.  Include Item Name / Code / Description, Customer Name, Location Page and Item Type.  You can filter your item type by Material and Equipment, and by technician - then schedule a report to go to the techs so they have it first thing in the morning - no more printing 😊

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@dorobcp or @Jeremy_Wick - what suggestions would you have for @KhianaKlatt based on what you've seen with other ServiceTitan shops?