Is there any way to view the dispatch for a week at a time?

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Thank you for the question! We have a "Weekly Dispatch Board" in the works, where you can view technicians and their schedules across a week, as well as perform key Dispatch actions. Very soon, we will invite participation in our Early Access program. 
Please let me know if you are interested and I can add you to our list of participants. 

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You can use the schedule tab to look at week views, however it can be very had to read sometimes. Also, you have to play with the filters to sort every technician out. I wish there was an option on the Dispatch screen where you can see the technician on the left then see their schedule for the week. 

Also, it is kind of redundant to have a schedule screen and a dispatch screen because technically it should all be one-in-the-same. Especially now since you can filter the dispatch screen to just show individuals or teams.

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Being able to see a week at a time would be very helpful!

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Thanks , need it mainly for mainteance techs and to show their name and their routes and what is open


we use the schedule tab, it can show you a week at a time.