Phone line quality and no response

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We have come across some snags and are hoping to see if anyone else has come across them too,. Lately, almost all calls have a scratchy quality overall and cut in and out at times. We also have had the experience of when a customer calls, you are unable to hear anything in the background. We hang up and one second later the caller is ringing through again as if the call never ended. (Still no sound on the other end) This process might go for 2-4 times before we can actually hear the customer. This doesn't happen at any particular time of the day, just in random intervals. Has anyone had this happen them, and if so, has there been any resolution? 


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Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention.  One thing we highly recommend for this would be to run our network test on a computer that is on the same network as your phones.  Please feel free to add the amount of maximum concurrent calls on the network test as that checks to make sure you have enough bandwidth to support the total call volume you may experience.  It appears you are using our basic phones package as well, which means that the calls are going through a third party provider.  I would also recommend checking with your phone provider to make sure they have adequate connections on their end.  Please feel free reply on here letting me know if you have any further questions or need any further clarification on any of this.