Sort Dispatch board by role ( Install vs Service vs Sales)

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How can we get a drop down that allows me to sort our dispatch board by role, only showing the technicians that have a particular role: IE: Installers vs Service Technicians vs Sales people(estimators)?


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

You can organize Techs on the dispatch board by assigning each person a Team in Settings > People > Technicians (see below). It won't be a dropdown filter if you do it this way. If you want a dropdown, you can assign your Techs to Business Units, then use the dropdown at the top to sort by BU.



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I have our dispatch board set up this way and it's very helpful. We can see our teams grouped, but we're still allowed to cross over, which is critical since I have 1 tech who can - and does - do EVERYTHING!