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Does anyone else want to be able to add tags from the invoice section to note if an invoice was sent or any other accounting tags, rather than having to go back into the job section... Hopefully we can make that happen 🤑


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Yes, please! I would love to see certain tags on the invoice screen for a few reasons. Such as if a customer wants us to send the invoice, or if we are approved to use their CC on file. Since we're still 'new' to ST (just over 1 year), we are not at the point where we can collect as soon as a job is complete (we're a small pool service business with about 30 employees, and I'm the only one working on our ST processes, in addition to my other duties).

As it is now, I have to run a report after I batch my invoices to search for the tags. If I could just see the tag on the invoice screen, I can charge the CC right then and there without having to come back to the same invoice later.

I have an idea (which I still need to put on the board) to overhaul the tags and make it more versatile, including adding more priority levels - instead of the default 2 of medium or high.

I also saw your idea about this and upvoted it!

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

love that idea @juliemc and I'd totally upvote it if you posted it on the ideas page

In the interim, you could put tags on customer records too, I've seen it used for customer spend amounts for financing integrations.


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Love this idea @juliemc !

We actually have a specific section for product feedback called "Ideas" where we encourage you to submit suggestions like this. That way other users can vote and share their use case or additional feedback. That section is monitored by our product team so it's a great way to get your feedback directly to the team's responsible for those changes!