How to organize customer/location profile notes

I have noticed that within ST, you cannot delete a note on a customer/location profile. I understand the reasoning behind this however, sometimes a note is no longer relevant and I'd like to delete it. We have recently added in a custom field on the ...

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more than 1 email

Would it be helpful to anyone else if Aspire allowed more than 1 email address per client?? I'd really like to see that!!

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Resolved! Real estate company customer/location records

We work with multiple real estate companies and buyers to provide real estate inspections before a purchase. With regard to customer cards and locations, what is the recommended way to keep track of real estate companies with multiple agents who have...

Email section

On the customer profile page, under the email section, there is nothing listed even though we have emailed invoices, estimates, and forms from both the mobile and office. What emails are supposed to show there?

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Copy/Paste Text from Images in Office

Our field team doesn't always get new equipment information saved to file while on-site which means our office staff will make the data entry after the fact during the review process. Our office team has been hand keying all of this information and.....

Resolved! Preffered Technician

On our account it no longer allows us to set a preferred technician to a customer's profile. It only populates management and previous management in the dropdown menu. Anybody having this issue or have any advice? Thank you!