Workflow for Automating Follow Ups ✨

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Hello Titan Fam 💪 I wanted to share a workflow I came up with for a customer of mine who was struggling with keeping on top of the day to day. Task management is a great tool for to-do list items, but we needed a way to automate this process - especially when it came to communicating needs from the field back into the office.

Here is a loom video of the process! I hope that it helps you and your company in the way it has helped many of my clients!


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Thank you Brittany, that was awesome!

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Amazing!! Keep the awesome tips coming Brittany!

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Great stuff as always @BrittanyB 

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Super helpful video! I love the parts order form, auto generated tag and report scheduled showing what parts need to be ordered. I had never thought about the custom dashboard but that is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.  

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Love this @BrittanyB🙂