We need your input Re: CALL CENTERS (Quick survey attached)

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ATTENTION: Call Center Mangers, Dispatcher Managers, Owners and Operators!

I'm SO excited to announce an upcoming event in November tailored JUST for you! 

ServiceTitan understands the importance of a strong call center. We know that if contractors can improve their customer service, create more confident agents, utilize ServiceTitan effectively, and maximize on every opportunity, their efforts will drive the business forward. 

In November 2023, we are launching our first "in person" event for owners and call center managers to help them level up their call center. We believe that a call center should be customer focused, data driven, and always improving. Attendees will gain tools and insights to help drive success. 
In preparation for this event, we are building our agenda. We are seeking your input to help us deliver a powerful event. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Thank you!