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I now need to manually enter equipment onto each install invoice.  I use to be able to copy and past the equipment from the equipment list directly onto the invoice.  ST no longer allows me to copy and then paste.

Is anyone else dealing with this and what was your fix other then the new system adding more work for me to do


Thank you.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Are you copying from the pricebook list?  If so, you can click the toggle button on in the top right corner to "edit mode" and then you can copy again.  



Miranda Melnychuk, RSE
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No.  I am copying from the equipment list on the customer location so I putting the exact equipment with model and serial numbers on the invoice.  I used to be able to copy and paste and I can no longer do that which forces me to manually entering everything on each invoice.  Too time consuming.