Capture Equipment Details on Closeouts

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Our company is a 360 Painting Franchise... I have been trying to use the mobile site to closeout jobs onsite. I am unable to do so because there is a section after the signature requirements called Capture Equipment Details. First, we do not have any equipment details in our estimates in ST because we are setup for our estimate info to be pulled from our estimating Software Pep. Pep pushes a Labor and Materials total to ST. If I click on the Cature Equipment Details section, it asks for Information about Equipment (which I don't have any of). I have just tried to enter random info in order to satisfy the requirement, but I still can't seem to get it to work. I would love for this portion to not even be active as it does not pertain to the way our business is set up.


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We are also having this issue however, it will not even allow us to enter any details, as the "Begin" button is grayed out and will not let us click it.

I can't even fill out the equipment information either now. Really wish they would be able to get a fix for this soon.

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Same issue here prompting us to "Capture equipment details" although they are already there.  We started having the issue after the ST-65 update.  We have a support ticket in and I'm being told they know of the issue.

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We are having similar issues.  None of our techs can close out equipment jobs via mobile.  Ours has a "brand" field that appears to be required as well, but it will not let us edit or add "brand" via mobile. The rest of the required fields outlined above have been filled out.   We have no work around on mobile, only way to close out any of our jobs appears to be on the office side.  Is there an ETA to fix this?

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hi @bashby -

In working with ServiceTitan, we learned that this pain point exists for 360 Painting due to the most recent update with ST-65. The current workaround is to mark the job complete from the office, which does not require you to capture any additional details. With the PEP Integration, 360 Painting has items listed as equipment. 

If you want to continue closing out in mobile, check out the attached screenshot of the required fields. You should be able to input random information, but you have to make sure you do it for each required line item.Screenshot 2023-05-15 064437.png