Resolved! American Home Shield/Dispatch Me

We have just integrated Dispatch Me into our Service Titan application and will be ready to receive new bookings from American Home Shield by next week. I have chosen the "Booking" work flow through Dispatch Me and created a BU called "Home Warranty"...


Hello Community,We are wondering what the best practice is for when to create an apt. vs a new job. Also, when an estimate is approved and has different phases of the job. Is there a way that we can create a Project up front and pull line items from ...

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Pause feature on jobs

So i learned today that there is a limit of 5 paused jobs on the techs schedule. My guys use the paused jobs as a reminder that they are waiting on things for those jobs. They were wondering if there was a way that they could be allowed to see all of...

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pre-paid Service agreements & material tracking

We have customers that pre-pay for " 8 visits /year, and it includes 15 bags of salt per year" how can TECHS / schedulers keep track of the salt that has been 'left' thru the year ? ie- visit 1 - 3 bags leftvisit 2 - 2 bags leftso when tech goes for ...

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Parts Ordered

Currently we manually add a "parts ordered" or "parts here" tag to the job that the purchase order is connected to, we also get a scheduled report every morning with jobs with those two tags on. Then dispatch can see what jobs we are ready to return ...

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Resolved! Job Summary formate/template

Is there any way to create "pre-define formatting" for the job summary, so that at the time of creating the job it automatically populates as a form and we just fill the form? for example, The following text in the summary box I write it, but if I wa...

job summary.png
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Closing jobs with exported invoices

Hey all,We have a couple jobs that keep showing up on our Needs Billing Assistance report, but they've been closed and paid for a while now. The only thing I can see is that there's a hold placed on each of them. However, when I go to complete the jo...

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Schedule feature visualization

While booking appointments we are using the schedule tab to better understand our current booked projects and to create geographical logical routes. We suggest adding to the appointment info tab the client's address for better and more effective sche...

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