Customer Name (Print) Box - Electronic Signature

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We would like to see a box for customers to print their names before or after a signature is provided. A lot of times, customers dispute invoices because the signature given at the time of service is illegible, claim it was not them signing it, or the person who signed it did not received authorization to do so. We have lost quite a bit in revenue due to not having a legible name printed on the invoice. Help ST!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I think you can use the Document templates feature (check with CSM) with custom fields.  I haven't tested this but could be an option.  Its something we have just started tinkering with recently.  Not sure how you would pull info from a scenario where the authorized person isn't named on the account.  Hopefully this doesn't send you down a rabbit hole, if it does, let me know how it works, haha!