Tasks on jobs being doubled.

We have encountered what appears to be a bug in the mobile ap in that under certain circumstances, tasks are doubled and the total job amount shown on the tablet is wrong. This occurs when a job is created from one of multiple estimates. If the custo...

michael21 by Contributor III
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Converting estimates

Yesterday I realized when converting an estimate, after you click the Select All button to add the tasks there is a separate box to then check to include any quoted discounts. If you are putting a Select All button at the top of the page it should Se...

llass by New Contributor
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Resolved! Dismissed Estimates

Does anyone know if it is possible to go back to dismissed estimates and use them again on follow up maintenance jobs?

Manual Timesheet Adjustments Reverting after Change

On all of our jobs we charge for return drive time. We have the guys in the field track that time, then we make a manual adjustment to the job timesheet to include their return drive time. Everything is saved and set, it looks good. But occasionally ...

chris-zeww by New Contributor III
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New Estimates Screen

When building an estimate (office side) in the new estimates screen, you now have job costing on the right side of the screen. When entering tasks with labor associated, the labor cost is not being applied to the costing, therefore the margin is not ...

jason_sp by New Contributor II
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Resolved! open jobs by customer report

has anyone requested or know where i can find an open jobs by customer report? I have several customers that have multiple locations ( like 20 to 50 ) and i would like a daily report that i can send to them with job status to keep them informed and e...

billwebb by New Contributor
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Resolved! Non-Job appointments

Is there a way to add non-job appointments to the projects page such as scheduled inspections without booking it as a job with a managed tech?

pawelbankowski by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Permit and Inspection section

Suggestion: We are looking to see if we can add a section to a job. We would like to add permit numbers and inspection results plus dates for jobs completed. We would, of course, have to have the option to add more than one due to the many different ...

Nadine by New Contributor
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backdating a completion date.

We are reconciling some jobs from the switch over, is there a way to create a job, assign a tech and complete the job (without it using today's date as the completed on date) I would like to have the completed on date for the jobs on the day reflecti...