Techs automatically clocked out for the day

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Since the latest update, we are having an issue with some of the techs being automatically clocked out for the day when they mark their last job as done. Our company pays for drive time so we have the techs manually clock in and out, as well as dispatch, arrive, and close out their jobs.

Does anyone know what feature is automatically clocking them out? It's sporadic and I'm not sure how it decides who will be clocked out and who won't.


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @LaurenHualElect -- check your payroll settings and see how your idle time is setup. It helps to know if your team is using the Clock IO as well.

- Sheena @ NIFT

Sheena @ NiFT

I read the Simple Clock IO, and it clearly says that the technician will be automatically clocked out when completing the last job of the day. However, this doesn't happen every day. Nor does it happen on every technician. Is this an option that can be turned off? Like Lauren said, we pay for drive time back to the shop and want the techs to be able to clock out then, not when they complete the job before leaving the site. We complete the job when done working, not when arrived back at the shop.

Sheena, I work with Lauren. I do the payroll review each week. Our idle time is set to pay for all idle time. Any other ideas? 

Did you get anywhere on this? Very important issue we are also facing. Thanks!

We have not. In fact I haven't heard back from them in over a month! It's still happening and we have continued to adjust the clock out time. We added a paid timesheet to the system to identify when it happens.