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Hey everybody! We are currently running into problems with Google reviews (including 5-star reviews) where they are randomly being taken down by Google. Is this a result of sending a review generation link? Is anyone else having this problem? We know that this is the case with Yelp and if a client clicks your Yelp profile through the review generation link, it violates their policy and moves that review to a "Not Recommended" section within your Yelp page. We understand that Google has a lot of filters for what can and cannot be in a review, but is anyone else experiencing this problem or have you found a solution for it?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I honestly didn't know that about Yelp. So I know this doesn't solve anything but thank you for the knowledge. I had no idea.

We send our google review links through the chat feature and haven't noticed anything. I can only think it is a bug? I wish I had a better answer. Please keep us posted with updates. 

Madison Robertson
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We learned that one the hard way through Yelp after about 20 reviews...I'm glad I was able to spread that, will definitely keep you updated with the answers I find! 

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We are running into the same issue. Did you ever find out why its happening or how to fix it?